New Products Release

Matrix Element series music streamers came into the 2nd generation

Matrix introduced their 2nd generation of Element series all-in-one products, including the element X2, element M2 and element I2, offering a brand-new experience.     The 2nd generation element s...

19 May, 2022
New Product Releases

TOPPING LA90 Class AB Power Amplifier

TOPPING unveils its LA90 exceptional performance class AB power amplifier, allowing it to take advantage of outputting high power. The TOPPING LA90 can be configured in a common stereo two-channel ...

26 Apr, 2022

Moondrop Chu Orders Dispatch Notification

The entry-level IEMs Moondrop Chu has been launched for almost 2 weeks, it’s an upgrade over the highly-successful Moondrop Spaceship with an all-new design, cavity structure, and driver upgrades. ...

19 Apr, 2022
New Product Releases

TOPPING M50 Digital Music Player Now Available

Lots of you have a favorite desktop music player. For some of us, it's the one that plays our music fast, with no fuss or hassle. For others, it's a tool that supports a wide range of music formats...

19 Apr, 2022
New Product Releases

XDUOO POKE II Portable DAC & Amp Now Available

XDUOO POKE II, the portable decoding amp that we have been waiting for a long time. As the second generation of the POKE series, compared with the original version, it can be said to be a qualitati...

14 Apr, 2022
New Product Releases

Moondrop NEKOCAKE TWS Special Edition Launched

We are pleased to introduce the special edition of Moondrop NEKOCAKE TWS to you guys. It is a joint product between Moondrop and the " ASH ARMS " team, comes with the same configuration as the OG, ...

11 Apr, 2022
New Product Releases

Moondrop CHU Dynamic Driver IEMs Now Available

Moondrop provides another option in entry level IEMs category, meet the Moondrop CHU 10mm Dynamic Driver IEMs, with the affordable price tag at USD 19.99. For over three years, the Moondrop Spacesh...

08 Apr, 2022
New Product Releases

TOPPING DX5 DAC & HP Amp Now Available

Your search for a decent one-and-done DAC/Amp combo device ends here, the TOPPING DX5 could be the device you need for high-quality personal listening at home or work. Topping needs no introduction...

26 Mar, 2022