New Product Releases

SMSL SU-9n ES9038PRO DAC Available Now

SMSL provides another option for the music lovers who don't actively pursue or are not that interested in the MQA function, the SMSL SU-9n. It is an non-MQA version of SU-9, and takes up the excell...

13 Oct, 2021
New Product Releases

TOPPING DX3 Pro+ Bluetooth DAC/AMP Available Now

TOPPING has been known for their ridiculously low priced devices, and here’s one of them: DX3 Pro+, multifunctional DAC/AMP comes with price tag at 199$, it is an updated version of DX3pro. It can ...

27 Sep, 2021
New Product Releases

MOONDROP KATO Dynamic Driver IEMs Now Available

MOONDROP always try to demonstrate and develop a new generation of 10mm flagship dynamic driver earphones which could greatly improve the linear dynamic range and achieve full-frequency nonlinear d...

08 Sep, 2021
New Products Release

TOPPING E50 MQA DAC and L50 HP AMP Now Availiable

TOPPING has developed DAC and headphone amplifier lineup that encompasses every budget range. The E30 DAC and L30 amp are rock stars at their respective price points, having commanded the attention...

30 Aug, 2021
New Product Releases

TANCHJIM Flagship PRISM 1DD+2BA IEMs Launched

TANCHJIM is an up-and-coming audio brand from China, the acoustic engineers in the team have rich experience in artificial intelligence algorithms. They are good at using finite element simulation ...

17 Aug, 2021
New Product Releases

NF Audio NE4 Evolution 4BA IEMs Released

As a headphone brand that started from balanced armature units, NF Audio NA1 has brought a wonderful debut with brand-new technology, NA2+ and NM2+ have blossomed at the same time for ordinary musi...

12 Aug, 2021
Audio Product Reviews

TOPPING EX5 DAC/Amp All-in-one Reviews

Equipped with dual ES9038Q2M decoding chips and NFCA headphone amp, TOPPING EX5 has higher performance in compact package than standalone decoders or amplifiers. It is a certified Hi-Res Audio deco...

29 Jul, 2021
New Product Releases

TOPPING D10 Balanced USB DAC Launched

TOPPING D10 Balanced DAC is the newer model based on their D10 DAC, a supplement to the D10s decoder. D10B and D10s are in a coexistence relationship. D10s is for single-ended applications, and D10...

22 Jul, 2021